RGMT Field Master Men's Japanese Automatic Black Watch RG-8032-55

Sale price$810.00

Fuss free and solidly built. With clearly legible calibrations, the Fieldmaster is the every day, every condition timepiece built to last.



At a glance, the Field Master is an absolutely capable all rounder utility timepiece.

It’s design is inspired by principally developing a watch that is utterly robust, clear to read at an instant, durable and dependable.

A precision Seiko TMI NH35 affords the watch a battery free functionality that makes it the perfect timepiece for adventure on land, sea or any environment.

Uni-Directional bezel is designed to give the wearer a better grip allowing for turn functionality even while wearing gloves or other tactical equipment.

A strong angular design of the case is deliberately chosen to give the watch a tank like stability and robust quality for a wear sure to endure.

100m Water Resistant, Crafted out of Solid Stainless Steel with Ionic Black Titanium Carbide Plating, for a stealthy finish and look, with liberally dipped luminous dial and hands - and powered by a work horse Nh35 Automatic Movement.