CCCP Chkalov Black Men's Automatic Watch CP-7079-11

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Valery Chkalov (1904-1938) is revered as a groundbreaking pioneer in Soviet Aviation

Chkalov was a gifted test pilot and few many of the new aircraft being developed by the Soviet Union during the first half of the 20th Century.

Chkalov is perhaps most famous for his record-breaking exploits in transpolar long-distance aviation.

In 1937, after 63 hours of non-stop flying – Chkalov and his co-pilots Alexander Belyakov and Georgi Baidukov completed an epic flight that was the first transpolar flight crossing of the North Pole. Taking off from Moscow, Chkalov landed at Pearson Field, Vancouver Washington USA.

The event captured the imagination of the public in the Soviet Union and in the US, and enshrined Chkalov as a Hero of Soviet Aviation